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In addition to performing and teaching double bass and bass guitar, Gabriel has enjoyed a long and varied recording career. In the interest of space, this collection does not include compilations, albums where Gabriel is a guest artist or large ensembles in which Gabriel was a member. 


Click on a thumbnail below to link to the recordings for each.

Sons Of Kronos
Band Of Doctors
Broken Blues
Cosmic Colonel: Beyond Here Monsters Dwell 2020
John Burke: The Longest Night 2018
Artifactual String Unit 2017
Panthera Leo Atrox: Roar 2016
Space Mirrors: Stella Polaris 2015
Space Mirrors: The Streets Remain 2015
Space Mirrors: The Golden Path 2014
Spaceseed: The Fraternal Order Of 2014
Space Mirrors: The Other Gods 2013
Zentropy: Zentangled 2012
Zentropy: PC909 2010
Jeremy Aggers: Everything Behind You 2010
Jeremy Aggers and the Tamers: Live at 800 East 2010
Analog: It Is What It Is 2008
Guido’s Hand 2007
Guido’s Hand: Ictus 2005

Photograph by Kyna Elliott

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