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It has been proven that students learn faster from one-on-one lessons than in large groups. It is also best to learn from a person who plays the instrument as their primary instrument. Gabriel teaches upright bass and bass guitar from his home studio in West Cobb. Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of the student while retaining essential structure. Please follow the below links for more information.

Gabe was my first double bass instructor.  He is an extraordinary musician and his vast professional experience brings a variety of effective teaching methods.  He provides direction to progress in technique, musicality, practice and repertoire to meet a student’s goals. He provides sound guidance for orchestral auditions and he develops a strong repertoire for competitions.

Gabe’s teaching style brings a relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to learning and growing as a musician. He expects a high standard of performance but applies that in a nurturing environment. The foundation that Gabe’s instruction has provided has allowed me to perform in many elite youth orchestras and selection to Georgia All State and the Governors Honors Program with the double bass. I am prepared for my upcoming double bass college auditions with the knowledge I’ve gained by working with him. Gabe is an exceptional instructor for students at any level.


- Peyton Lightcap


Mr. Gabriel was my Double Bass Instructor for roughly four years. Because of him, I was able to be selected to be a part of an orchestra for all four years, including principal chair at Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra, Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra, and my own school’s orchestra. Mr. Gabriel’s qualities were a significant component to why I was able to prosper. He is patient, enthusiastic, and adaptable. The exercises he incorporated in my practice have now become one piece in my repertoire when picking up my bass. If you are looking for someone who goes the distance to not only push you to play well, but help you understand the fundamentals of music, I would choose Mr. Gabriel. I attribute to him the reason why I am able to be the double bass player I am today, and I continue to keep playing because of him.


- Gabriela Nguena Jones


I have worked with Mr. Gabe since 2016 through school sectionals, private lessons since 2019, and then at Atlanta Chamber Music Festival in 2019. Under the guidance of Mr. Gabe, I have grown in my bass musicianship. He is very down to earth about the instrument and helps you from anywhere. In private lessons, he makes sure you understand what he teaches or says before moving forward and always provides good advice for things. In school sectionals, he was able to take a sectional and make it personal. As a high school senior at the time of writing this, his guidance and teaching helped me improve to be accepted as a music major at VSU. He has proven results and puts your playing first. He is really understanding of the instrument and technique and can adhere to all levels of playing. I would highly recommend him as a private bass coach or sectional teacher!


- Nicholas Bruno

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